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Why Laser Engraving Is a Good Idea for Your Gun

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Australia has a gun ownership level of 14.5 firearms per 100,000 people, or approximately 3,573,000 guns. While this is rather low when compared to other countries, there are still more than three and a half million guns in Australia. A considerable number of guns are targeted by thieves each year in Australia, and in 2018, some 2,425 guns were stolen. How can laser engraving help the average gun owner?

How Laser Engraving Works

Laser engraving is when a concentrated laser beam is directed towards the object and vaporising a precise amount of the surface area of the object to create a predetermined etching. This process doesn't damage the object itself. But what does this have to do with guns?

Stolen Firearms

Although stolen firearms might be used to commit crimes, some of them can end up in private hands with no malicious or criminal intent beyond that. Although serial numbers (and anything added by the manufacturer to differentiate a specific firearm) can easily be filed away, it can be more difficult to file away an etching that encompasses a larger surface area of the weapon.

A Personalised Gun

In short, laser engraving is a means of making your gun unique. The etching is really only limited by the size of the weapon and your imagination. You could have your own name, logo, or a small piece of artwork etched onto the gun. It results in a personalised weapon that is undeniably yours, making the gun easier to track if it should be stolen.

A Secondary Etching

Although it's an intensive process to file away a personalised engraving on a weapon (without the right materials, the weapon itself might be rendered useless), you could also opt for a secondary etching on the gun for the sake of security and a later claim to ownership. A personalised engraving will generally be placed on either side of the barrel. However, a small and discreet secondary engraving could be added on the top of the barrel, or even on the grip if the gun's design permits it. This secondary, less-obvious etching might not be such an obvious candidate for removal if the gun is stolen.  

You'll certainly do everything within your power to prevent your gun from ever being stolen. But if this was to happen to you, laser engraving can help to identify your stolen weapon. Contact laser engraving services to learn more.