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Tips You Should Consider to Protect Your Business Vehicle's Wrap

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Vehicle signage is one of the simplest and most affordable marketing and branding strategies your company can consider today. You or your team gets to deliver or provide services and advertise the company at the same time. So, wherever your fleet goes, you can be sure people will get to know more about the company and the products or services you offer if you invest in car wraps. However, your advertising goals can be affected if you do not maintain the wrap effectively. After all, the wrap is an extension of your company, and if it's dirty and unpresentable, you'll not get a return on your investment. Consider adhering to the following car wrap care tips to get value and increase the wrap's longevity.

Clear off salt immediately

The salt that accumulates on your wraps during the winter months can take a toll on the material. Salt is known for corroding and dehydrating the wrap when you let it sit on the material for too long. As such, professionals recommend that you clean the salt off the wrap regularly to eliminate salt build-up. Wiping the base area after each drive will also protect the wrap. Incorporate this into your routine and be consistent throughout the season.

Avoid parking under the sun

Exposing your vehicle's vinyl wraps to harmful UV rays for long hours will damage the wrap sooner than expected. So, it's essential to search for a shaded area whenever you need to park your car for prolonged hours. You may also buy a protectant to shield the wrap from UV exposure whenever you can't find a shaded parking area. Make sure you use a petroleum-free wax instead of the ordinary ones.

Do not forget about regular cleaning

Although it is important to spot clean the wrap to get rid of salt or oil spills, you shouldn't forget to adhere to the wrap cleaning procedure the installation expert provided.The wrap needs to be washed regularly to improve its lifespan. The graphic parts must be cleaned carefully — a mild detergent and soft sponge will suffice. Do not use a new detergent every time, especially if you haven't tested it out on the wrap to determine if it can cause bleaching. Also, do not forget to rinse the wrap with clean water to get rid of the detergent, and then dry the water using a microfibre cloth or silicone sponge. Pressure washing isn't allowed, as it can damage the graphics.