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Outdoor Signage Solutions To Consider For Your Retail Shop's Storefront

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Having a brick-and-mortar storefront for your retail products provides you with a specific location to direct customers to, but it also comes with expensive overhead costs. Since you have to pay electricity bills and monthly lease payments, you need to make the most of your advertising budget to attract as many customers as possible. This will ensure that you are turning a profit each month. However, have you ever considered that the type of signage you choose would have a direct impact on how appealing your shop will be and, subsequently, the foot traffic that you draw into the premises? Granted, you have a selection of signs to choose from, but this does not mean that any type of sign will work to market your business. Below are a couple of signage solutions to consider for your shop's storefront.

Neon outdoor signage

If your business is open all day and into the night, then you need signage that will be visible irrespective of the time. One great option that is sure to attract both motorists and pedestrians alike is neon signage. These signs comprise tubing filled with slightly pressurized gas, typically argon, which lights up when electricity passes through it. The tubing can be customised to whatever shape or lettering you want, so you get the opportunity to be as creative as you want. Moreover, the signage can be monochromatic or multicoloured depending on your preference. The main thing to note about neon signage is its positioning. Ensure that it is high enough to be easily noticeable by moving traffic yet also low enough to catch the eye of passersby.

Metal letter signage

When selecting signage for your storefront, you need to make sure that the aesthetic of the signs matches your brand's image. Thus, retailers selling high-end products from their store located on the posh side of town need to invest signage that complements this appearance. A versatile option you should consider is metal lettering. This type of signage is guaranteed to add a touch of elegance to any storefront since the letters have a luxe feel to them. You have the freedom to customise your letters by choosing a font and metal for your signs, depending on your budget. Moreover, you have the option of choosing whether they should be mounted raised or set flush against the wall. However, to make the most of their high-end appearance, you should ensure the signage is accorded the right upkeep so that the letters do not lose their lustre.

To learn more about signage, consult a resource in your area.