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3 Interesting Ways to Attract Attention to Your Digital Signage

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The right signage informs people about the presence of your store and the services or products that you deal in. However, numerous firms have similar displays, which makes it essential for your business to have signage that stands out from the rest. If your signage is unique, it will attract the attention of potential clients, and they will most likely walk into your store. Below are interesting ways you can use to draw attention to your digital signage:

Follow the current trends

Almost every week there is a new meme or GIF that is being circulated on social media. Instead of laughing at them and forwarding them to the next person on your contact list, you can use them to improve awareness about your business. Add such memes to your digital signage while they are still trending, and you will notice increased attention from passersby. Some will be interested in taking photos with the signage, and in the process, they will read about the services that you are offering. Since you do not have to pay any copyright fees to use memes, it is a very cost-effective approach.

Ensure your signage is interactive

There should be a difference between your signage and a basic poster. Instead of only displaying information, it should be interactive and encourage an inevitable reaction from viewers. One approach includes running a quiz occasionally and providing an email address or numbers where people can send the answers. A list of the winners can then be broadcasted on your signage on a regular basis. Rewards should also be given to encourage others to take part in the quiz. Many winners will inform their friends and families about these quizzes, and your signage will definitely get more attention.

Include details that are relevant to passersby

Certain information is important to everyone. Examples of such information includes the weather and traffic. While such content does not provide details about your products, it draws attention to your signage. Everyone walking along that street will use it as a reference point to obtain relevant information. You can create strategic breaks when relaying details about the weather to include information about your services and products.

Signage is the first interaction that many people have with your business. In addition to the tips presented in the article, you should ensure that your signs are interesting and captivating. As long as people are attracted to your signage, you will have a regular flow of customers.