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How to Ensure Your Corporate Signs Are Designed Effectively

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A brick-and-mortar business needs a sign for a variety of reasons; one is so that people can simply find the business and the front door. However, more than just identifying your location, your signage should help to engage customers or clients and actually increase your business. For a sign to accomplish this, it must be designed effectively. Note a few tips for ensuring you opt for the right design for your corporate signage.

1. Use a slogan

A corporate sign might have your business name included, but does that mean your potential customers or clients know about your business or are convinced to come inside? A slogan can attract them to the front door. This slogan can be very simple; for a diner, it might be, "The best breakfast in town," or for a law office, it might be, "We make the law work for you." Whatever your business, ensure you have a slogan already in use but include it in your signage to get foot traffic inside.

2. Include your web address

Potential customers and clients may not have time to stop by right then, but they may still be interested in your business. Having a web address on your signage gives them something to visit when they get home or even on their smartphone; they can bookmark the page or note your hours and make plans to visit at a later date. For retail businesses, you can sell products online so that customers can still shop even after they've walked past your brick-and-mortar store. Service-based companies can also offer a feature that allows potential clients to make an appointment online so that you don't lose their business after they've walked by or driven by your location.

3. Keep it simple

No matter the name of your business and information you want to include on your corporate signage, you want to keep things simple. Too much information can overwhelm someone walking or driving by, and important information gets lost. You also need to consider a simple font or lettering for the sign, as something too fancy can be difficult to actually read and especially from a distance; if your sign attracts those in their cars, then it becomes even more important to use a simple block lettering that stands out from the background of the sign but which is very legible and readable.

For assistance with corporate signs, talk to a professional.