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How to Create Noticeable, But Effective Business Signage

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Your business signage is very important for the overall success of your business, especially if your business is located among many other similar establishments. Your signage needs to make your business stand out from the crowd, but at the same time, you want it to still be effective. Business owners often make some similar mistakes when creating business signs, failing to make them noticeable or send effective message. Note how to do both with your business signage.

1. Consider placement

Unless you're restricted by the property you're renting when it comes to signage and its placement, you want to think about where the signs of your business are located. If a sign is simply over your entrance door, it can get lost and not be seen so readily. Consider a swinging sign that hangs outward so it stands out. If putting it over your door would make it out of sight for foot traffic, put your signs in your windows next to the door or along the building side. Remember that you want the signage to be visible to foot traffic or those driving by, so don't stand and look at your entryway as a business owner but walk toward your business as a potential customer and note a good placement position for your sign.

2. Use images

Your business sign may only contain the name of your business and not much else, but images can be very powerful in getting your message across to your potential customers and clients. This is true even for businesses like accounting or legal services, where you might not assume that images can be helpful. Consider an image of a courtroom setting with an attorney shaking the hand of a client or of someone helping a person with tax paperwork for these types of businesses. This will make your potential customers drawn to your business and more likely to notice your sign versus one that is plain wording.

3. Change the sign

When people drive by the same strip mall or set of offices, they may tend to simply tune out signs they've seen repeatedly. To make your sign noticeable, but effective, change it as often as you can. Ask your sign maker about temporary installations; you might have a name plate you can swap out, or you might be able to change a colored backing for your sign on your own. This will keep the sign fresh and new and, in turn, very noticeable to your potential clients.