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3 Quick Tips for Proper Switchboard Labelling with Engraved Signage

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Proper labelling of electrical panels at your office or business is crucial for the safety of everyone. Correct labels on your distribution switchboards, which connects various electric circuits in your building, provides direct and explicit information to anyone operating the switchboard. This, in turn, saves time and eliminates mistakes that could potentially cause electrical hazards. And for this, readability is the key component to watch out for when it comes to labelling your switchboard. Here's where engraved signage comes in. Engraving your switchboard signage produces a clean result that will last a long time despite vandalism or even exposure to the sun, rain or snow. But it's crucial that you only choose the right engraved signage.

Compare Material Options

Choosing a good material will make all the difference in functionality, durability and cost. Generally, plastic and metal are the top material options you will find. However, one of the most durable options available for switchboard engraving is stainless steel. It is tough and performs well in harsh conditions, particularly in heavy industrial settings. However, it can be expensive, so you may want to consider alternatives like aluminium. It's equally durable and also easily machinable, which means you can achieve a more customised design. If you need an inexpensive option, you may want to opt for plastic. It will still serve the purpose but won't be quite as durable as its metal counterparts.

Settle on A Multi-Coloured Layering Design

Visibility is a crucial functional requirement for the proper engraved switchboard signage. It would help if you made it as easy as possible for the switchboard operator or technician to see the signs. One best way to do this is to go for multi-coloured layers. Typically, with multi-coloured layers, the outer layers will be darker than the inner layers and vice versa, so you can go for whichever option you prefer. The deep contrast between the two layers makes it easier for anyone to read the labels under any visibility conditions.

Stick to A Simple Design

One of the top advantages of engraved signage is that they create accurate and exact lettering. Sticking to a simple design will make your switchboard labels clearer. For instance, while you may fancy a sophisticated or more stylish font because of the freedom to customise your design, it would be best to go for a simple font that is easy to read. Keep in mind that your switchboard labelling should mainly serve functional purposes and not decorative.

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